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Modern Mindfulness for Schools

We define mindfulness as focused, relaxed attention.

Mindfulness is a universal human capacity that can be strengthened through practice.

What would happen if an entire city practiced mindfulness? To answer this question, the Vermont Community Foundation awarded Modern Mindfulness an Innovations and Collaborations Grant to teach and integrate mindfulness into the core city institutions of Winooski. Including the entire school district, police department, city council and counselling services.

It’s quick!  The interactive program guides students in daily five minute mindfulness exercises.
It’s easy!  We train teachers in exactly what they need to know so they can start right away.
It’s effective!  Disciplinary referrals at Smilie Elementary dropped from 125 to 42 after using the program for one year.

Modmind is an interactive online program and teacher training that has proven to be a breakthrough approach to strengthen executive functioning skills resulting in a focused and relaxed student.

Our program, Modern Mindfulness, was designed in collaboration with Vermont public school teachers and students to ensure successful outcomes and easy implementation. 

A successful mindfulness program should show positive results within a year.

Increase student engagement, decrease teachers stress.

Modmind has done this in several schools with only five minutes of practice a day! 

This is a low-cost way to make a dramatic impact on the culture and performance of your school.




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Our results show improved behavior and academics in public schools. Learn more about the details of our program.
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When a whole school begins to practice mindfulness, real transformation occurs. Our program allows for easy whole school integration, using five minute standard, daily exercises for teachers and students.

What people think of The Center for Mindful Learning, A Non-Profit

The program is clear, precise, well thought out and easy to use. It is extremely important and useful to help kids relax, learn, and connect.

The curriculum. . . has been designed by experts with decades of training for the express purpose of delivery by teachers with minimal training.

As you have no doubt heard many times, (the training) was very effective, and I believe I now have the tools to help the kids develop some very important lifelong habits.

Teachers are less stressed because their students are more able to be calm and focused. This increases their teaching time and the time that their students are engaged in learning.