Modern Mindfulness Training

Whole School Rates:

We recommend a three-hour training before getting started with our program. The training provides an overview of the benefits of mindfulness, how to use our program, and how to create a class environment that supports mindfulness so that mindfulness can support classroom learning. The training can be done through a live, online webinar or in person at your school.

In addition to the training session, we recommend each teacher get a user account for our online program. The user account includes lifelong access to our innovative content including: 

  • Guided mindfulness sessions for the classroom
  • Videos for students 
  • Additional teacher training with videos and readings

Webinar for groups or whole schools (choose your own date):

  • Live webinar = $2,000 + $150 per user account
  • For groups larger than 25 people, it might be best to split the training into separate sessions with fewer people, with a small additional cost. In all cases, support staff not using the program but interested in the webinar training are welcome to join at no additional cost. 

In-person training workshop for staff:

  • Live in-person training = $2,500 + $150 per user account
  • Schools more than two hours away = $3,000 + $150 per user account
  • Support staff not using the program but interested in the training are encouraged to join at no additional cost.

Large-scale implementation for districts or cities:

  • We'd love to work with you to create a widespread mindful culture in your community. Contact us to discuss your needs and we can quote a price and go over logistics.

Contact us to inquire about training your school.

We are committed to making our program accessible for each school's budget. If these costs are out of your reach, call 802-540-0820 or email to find the rate that works with your budget.

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Modern Mindfulness Training:

This 2-hour live training prepares you to teach mindfulness to young people, ages 5-18, using our interactive online program.

The training will teach you how to:

  • apply foundational mindfulness skills and techniques
  • use mindfulness to decrease stress and increase fulfillment in your role as a parent/educator
  • create a supportive climate for students to build mindfulness skills
  • communicate the benefits of mindfulness based on research in the field
  • use the mindfulness app most effectively


Teacher Support Session:

As mindfulness teachers, we know that our learning never stops.  Take the next step in your learning and explore new ways to strengthen your confidence as a mindfulness teacher, and deepen your understanding of the practice. This is a great opportunity to share questions, challenges and successes with other educators and mindfulness experts.

This session will help you:

  • develop strategies for working with challenging situations
  • support your students to become leaders in the mindfulness program
  • teach mindfulness confidently without the software
  • personalize the program based upon the strengths of your classroom

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When a whole school begins to practice mindfulness, real transformation occurs. Our program allows for easy whole school integration, using five minute standard, daily exercises for teachers and students.


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Our results show improved behavior and academics in public schools. Learn more about the details of our program.

What makes us unique

Whole School Implementation

Our program uses a standard, interactive program, so that every student does the same practice. This facilitates common vocabulary, application, and culture, and allows for easy whole-school integration.

It works!

The program was designed in a public school, in collaboration between mindfulness experts, school teachers and their students.

It’s quick!

It delivers effective instruction in five minutes a day. You are guided by mindfulness experts, so that you don't have to be a professional immediately. This structure allows students and teachers to practice and learn mindfulness together.

It’s easy!

The interactive program leads the class in daily mindfulness exercises. In ten lessons, the teachers learn to lead exercises on their own.

Mindful Messages

The mindful message helps to bridge the lesson and daily application of mindfulness. Allowing the teacher to integrate mindfulness with tasks throughout the day.

Mindfulness Skills

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