Our Team

Modern Mindfulness represents a collaboration between mindfulness experts at the Center for Mindful Learning (CML) with decades of experience teaching mindfulness, and professional classroom educators at Smilie Memorial School with decades of experience teaching in schools.


Soryu Forall

Director of Mindfulness Education

Soryu designed the Modern Mindfulness curriculum. He has been teaching and practicing mindfulness as his full-time occupation since 1995. He consults almost daily with Shinzen Young, who’s been teaching and practicing mindfulness full-time for over 40 years, and sits on CML’s Board of Directors.

    Laura McKelvie

    Modern Mindfulness Program Director

    An educator and word-smith by trade, Laura spent several years teaching English in Puebla, Mexico, and then worked as a textbook editor at Cambridge University Press in New York before coming to Modern Mindfulness. Laura knows first hand how difficult it can be for working adults, especially educators, to maintain a mindfulness practice and has deep compassion for those struggling with the ever intensifying complexity of modern human life. Laura loves to share mindfulness with others and support them as they open up to the idea of slowing down.

      Danny Morris

      CML’s assistant director

      Danny does what needs to be done to keep CML moving forward. He is currently responsible for the Modern Mindfulness web development. He has been practicing and teaching mindfulness since 2006.  He began teaching Mindfulness at IBM where he gave engineers the tools to develop an innovative healthy mind.

        Past team members:

        Denise Casey is an artist and educator. She began practicing mindfulness seven years ago, the same year she began teaching. Denise has worked as an educator in public and private schools, outdoor education centers and therapeutic residences. As an artist, she uses poetry, spoken word and song as a way of bringing mindful awareness to challenging life experiences.

        Chris Adams worked as a support professional serving populations with developmental disabilities as well as those with mental illness. Recently, he earned a Master’s degree in School Counseling. In the course of his graduate work he grew interested in researching the intersection of mindfulness and education. Chris joined the Center for Mindful Learning in January of 2014 to pursue an opportunity that combines his passion for mindfulness with his experience in education.

        Lindsay Foreman has taught mindfulness to hundreds of children and adults in social service agencies, schools, prisons, and youth programs. She has over a decade of experience working in education and human services.

        Ted Holtz is one of CML’s software developers, and has over 15 years of experience in technology startups and software development.

        Lida Winfield has been teaching since 2002 and runs creative integrated arts programs for schools. She’s our expert on what works and what doesn’t in the educational system.

        Harrison Heyl has been practicing mindfulness daily since 1996 and teaching mindfulness since 2008. In addition, he contributes over two decades of experience in writing, business, government, and education to this project.