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Donating $25 provides the app for one teacher. Donating $250 provides training for one teacher and $2500 provides a whole school training.

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Donate to our Google One campaign.    $1 = 1 month of mindfulness practice for one child.

*The Center for Mindful Learning is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.

More Ways to Help:

  1. Contact a teacher, administrator or guidance counselor in your area. Set up a time to meet with them, introduce them to mindfulness and share the Modmind program.
  2. Print out and post Modmind flyers at your school, library, community center, cafe or grocery store.
  3. Send us your stories! Practicing and teaching mindfulness is an inspiring act. Tell us how you got started, the challenges you experienced, how you overcame them and the joys that come from sharing this with young people.
  4. Track your students’ progress and send it in! Behavioral data, report card data, anecdotal testimonies. The success of your students inspires others to give mindfulness a try.
  5. Practice mindfulness. Take just five minutes every day. The best way to teach these skills is through modeling them.

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Program result infographics

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 Introduce us to individual donors and foundations:

Modern Mindfulness was funded primarily through the generous donations of a select few individuals and foundations.  Most of our funding as an organization also comes from large grants endowed by such donors.  Connecting us with a potential funder is the best way to begin building a trusting relationship with someone who supports the valuable work we do. Use the contact form to the right to make the connection.